You Might Need My Help If:

  • You’re looking for some help with turning goals into concrete tasks – and  then getting them done!
  • You’re feeling disorganised, scattered and can’t find enough time in the day to get to everything.
  • You want to spend less time stuck in the day-to-day grind, and go back to building your business.
  • You have so many great ideas you want to bring to life, but you’re not making real progress on any of them.
  • You have no systems, processes or structure in your business and you’d really like to streamline things.
  • You’d like to simplify the day to day of your business, focusing on only those things that truly matter.
  • You’d really like to take a day off once in a while – without worrying about your business!

Sound familiar? If so, take a look at my services below to see how I can help you to grow your business to the next level.


Time to go from Overwhelmed to Organised.

Are you struggling to stay on top of everything in your business, wondering how on earth you’ll get everything done?

Do you feel like you’re wasting time on tasks that aren’t bringing you the results you want?

Let me help you get Organised!

We’ll spend one hour tackling your personal productivity challenges via a 1:1 video call. Then, you’ll receive tailored recommendations & action steps, along with resources and simple tips to help make sure your spending your precious time in the right places.


  • Pre-Call Questionnaire
  • 60-Minute Zoom Session
  • Personal Productivity Recommendations
  • Follow Up Email Support

  • Planning your Day & Week
  • Managing your Schedule, Resources & Energy
  • Simple Time-Saving Systems & Routines
  • Dealing with Distractions, Interruptions & Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Using Social Media Efficiently for your Business

Investment: €95



Are you overwhelmed by your To-Do list, hopping from task to task with no clear plan? You have lots of ideas, but you’re struggling to know which to prioritise and how to make them happen?

Do you need an extra pair of hands for a while, to help you plan & execute a new project – perhaps a digital product launch, new membership program, virtual summit or online course?

I help you put all the pieces of your business puzzle together – keeping you focused, organised and moving steadily towards achieving your goals.

I’ll help you to:

  • Break your goals into concrete tasks – and get them done!
  • Get Organised –  freeing up time, energy and head space.
  • Streamline- get your workflows & processes in order
  • Stay Focused & Productive – working on the things that will really move the needle for your business.
  • Implement – Take some of those tasks off your To Do list

    Package is completely customisable & can include:
  • Regular Check-in/Prioritising Calls
  • Planning & Goal Setting Sessions
  • Weekly Task List – The What, When,  How and Who needed to get things done.
  • Business Organisation, Simplification & Productivity.

And if you need practical help to lighten the load, you have the option to add dedicated Virtual Assistance & Support to your package & take some of those tasks off your plate.

To discover more about how I can help you find your focus, book your Discovery Chat below.

Sarah has been an invaluable part of my business since shortly after we met. From managing a blog (and a team of bloggers) to proofreading, from content curation to email marketing, it is great knowing that I can trust her completely with so many things on my to-do list.

However, the best thing about Sarah is that she won’t just execute an assignment; in every instance, she’s been there to keep me on track, suggest improvements and take more details off my plate (so I can concentrate on the bigger picture).

I’d highly recommend working with Sarah – anyone getting to do this is a lucky person.

Sandrine Coosemans

Online Business Strategist , Sandco Virtual Solutions

I found Sarah fantastic to work with. The scope of the project we collaborated on was a bit fuzzy but no problem to Sarah, she simply hit the ground running and got stuck in.

Sarah has a very easy and pleasant manner yet is clear and convinced when making suggestions for best approach to whatever task at hand. And she had a very effective and structured approach to any project or sub-project we were working on. Suggestions that she made for collaboration tools were awesome and she was great in directing some of the other team members working on the project.

Would work with her again in an instant, and expect to do so in the future! Jannetje van Leeuwen

Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor | Connector , NOSO Journal

If none of the above options seem quite right for you, or you have questions on my services & how I could support you, why not book a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call? I also offer custom “project rates,” and would be delighted to chat about your specific business needs.  No pressure, no obligation. The services I offer are completely flexible, so we can design a solution that’s perfect for you.